This photographic series has been done in Shinagawa (one the special wards of Tokyo). Shinagawa is composed by offices, businesses, companies and high-level residential areas. This district has been specifically designed for workers, to meet all their kind of needs (smoking areas, little gardens, supermarkets, restaurants, residences etc…) and so that they do not even need to move from there, by creating an independent city in the heart of Tokyo.
Shinagawa represents Japan exactly how it is perceived by the collective imagination: perfect, cleaned and elegant. Everything has been built and planned to give the impression of a “timeless perfection”. In this lonely atmosphere, everything seems to perfectly fit together, people and places seem being made for each other.In her series, Ludovica Anzaldi shows us the surface, the exterior part, the impeccable appearance of a society and a world which are everything except perfect. On the contrary, we are in front of a society in which the “karoshi” (the suicide caused by overwork) is more and more frequent, in which the natality rate has never been so low, and people are more and more victims of their own lifestyle, to the point that they don’t even make love anymore.It is as though this quarter embodied modern society, in all her glory: a society based on appearance, made by beautiful and modern places, by technologic and strong buildings. But it’s also a society composed by lonely and sad workers, who do everything they can to meet their goals and their dreams, which are often superficial and unachievable, until the point of losing control on their health, mind and life. For this serie Ludovica Anzaldi use an Hasselblad 500, with 120 films 6×6.