Little Red Riding Hood

The photographer creates a transposition made in modern interpretation of the famous fairy tale “Little red riding hood”. The work has been carried out in the architectural language of the Parisian district la Défence.
Little red riding hood is swallowed by the monumental glass-and-steel architecture of la Défense and she gets lost in the immense and frightening concrete forest. The little girl, who can’t find her way back home, is attacked by shadows and plays of lights created by the hige surrounding buildings. The majestic business district misleads and devours the sight of both the spectator and the little girl who, at the end, will manage to save herself.
Every single picture represents a turning point of the famous fairy tale. In this photographic series, Ludovica Anzaldi deliberately decides not to show Little red riding hood in her face: in fact, the little girl represents the human being, which is devoured by a great sense of perdition.