Holiday Portrait

holiday portrait is a collection of photos of umbrellas on an ocean beach near Pachino, a small village in Sicily, taken with a Hasselblad 500 on 6×6 film.
By photographing the seaside site “under the umbrella” while the bather is away, Ludovica Anzaldi captures the inner life of the absent bather. The umbrella becomes an extension of its absent owners; the nature and location of the objects within its shade tell the story of the owners’ day, and describe their affections, taste and relationships.
Looking at the images, one can perceive the presence of invisible human beings, and how connected they are to the things they left on the shore.
Through this series of photographs we realize how, in this part of Sicily, the locals live the ocean beach as if it were their home.
Without been seen, the photographer enters the intimacy of their homes, and allows us to peek inside them and imagine the lives of people that are temporarily absent and yet very much present.