Ludovica Anzaldi is an Italian photographer currently based in Paris, France. She grows up in Italy, between Rome and Sicily where she comes from. After attending an artistic high school in Rome, she moves to Paris. In 2012 she attends the Parisian School of Photography Speos, and after she takes an internship as archivist at the Magnum Photos Paris. In 2014, she starts attending the ESAG Penninghen, the School of Artistic Direction.. In her images, Ludovica Anzaldi, tries to represent the human being in all his complexity, his darkness, his poetry, his sensuality. She choses to shot women bodies to illustrate her purpose because it’s through their curves that Life happens. On each image, her models share a piece of their existence, in which the viewer can easily find himself. Is travelling inside one’s intimacy, getting at the source of our own genesis. Through this questioning she proposes many different ways of life.

PUBLICATIONS (2013-2016)

  • Publication on
  • Publication on Avvenire
  • Publication on Il Manifesto
  • Publication on L’Unità
  • Publication on Libero
  • Publication on
  • Publication on Positive Magazine
  • Interview on Floz Visions Magazine
  • Interview on Boum Bang Magazine
  • Article on
  • Freelance photographer for (Photographer of Paris Fashion Week)
  • Getinspiredmagazine
  • Thefix-analogue-magazine

EXHIBITIONS (2013-2017)

  • “La Nuit des Arts et des Mondes”, Paris 2016
  • “CHARLIE EXPO” à la Galerie 28bis”, Paris 2015
  • “Girls just wanna have a fun”, Montreuil, Paris
  • “Ciao – Bridge the common border of creation”, Malpensa Airport, Milan
  • “Traits d’Union 5”, Paris
  • “Exposition Collective-Mythologies”, Paris
  • “Traits d’Union 4”, Paris
  • “Instants Dansés”, Paris
  • “Le Langage de Visceres”, Paris
  • “Modern Geisha”, à La Maison du Canal, Paris
  • “A-corps!”, Saint-Denis, Paris
  • “FAKE Realities – Paris artistes” à Le Couvent des Récollets, Paris 2017